Custom Pastries for any Occasion. 
Miami, South Florida.

What is your specialty?

We specialize in cakes and cake pops, and also offer a variety of other sweets to satisfy any dessert catering need. Check out our full menu here.

What are your most popular desserts?

Besides cakes and cake pops? Homemade Oreos, blondies, and cheesecake!

Do you offer gluten-free items?

Yes! We offer a number of gluten-free desserts, and we may be able to accommodate additional requests.
Check out our menu here.

What cake flavors do you offer?

View our flavor list and serving guide here.

What size cake do I need?

Our cakes are pretty tall (3 layers), so you can get a large number of portions out of them. Of course it depends how you cut the cake, but here are some general guidelines.

6” Cake: ~ 8 servings
8” Cake: ~ 12-16 servings
9” Cake: ~ 14-18 servings
10” Cake: ~ 16-32 servings
12” Cake: ~ 30-48 servings

Where are you located?

We do not have a storefront...all of our sweets are made-to-order and delivered right to your door.
What could be better?!?

Do you charge a delivery fee?

We offer FREE DELIVERY (aren’t we awesome?) to Miami Beach, Brickell, Downtown Miami, Midtown, Morningside, El Portal, Miami Shores, and North Miami Beach. Deliveries outside of this area will incur a small delivery fee, based on mileage.

How far in advance should I place my order?

The sooner, the better! As a general rule, be kind to your pastry chef and provide at least two weeks notice. Last-minute orders can often be accommodated - just ask! Karmic virtue is sure to follow for those who share our OCD genes and place their order at least a month in advance (we love you!).